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Practical lecture on “Easy steps that will facilitate your job search after university” by representatives of Blue Lynx, an international recruitment agency

On April 15, 2024, a hands-on lecture with representatives of the Blue Lynx company was held in room 511. It is organized by the team of the project “Impact of Digitalization on Innovative Approaches in Human Resources Management”, financed by the “Scientific Research” Fund with the assistance of the Center “Careers, Entrepreneurship and Marketing” (CCPM) at the University of Economics – Varna. The host of the event was Chief Assistant Prof. Velina Koleva PhD.

Blue Lynx is an international recruitment agency established in 1988. in The Hague. Apart from the Netherlands, the company operates in Bulgaria and Colombia. The representatives of the company Tihomira Velikova and Kristina Samarova introduced the students of UE-Varna, studying the discipline “Management of human resources” with basic questions related to their future realization on the labor market:

1. What is a recruitment agency and how does it help candidates in their professional development;

2. How and where young people should look for work and internship opportunities;

3. How to use the LinkedIn platform to find a job;

4. How to structure your CV to impress your future employer;

5. How to present yourself most convincingly during the job interview.

Based on their experience, the consultants offered the students advice to increase their chances for successful professional realization. An interesting and fruitful discussion took place between the lecturers, students, and the university teachers. The business expressed its satisfaction at the connection with motivated young people and thanked the organizers for keeping the contact between practice and the academic community alive. The meeting ended with proposals for possible projects regarding future cooperation.

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