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Aim and Objectives

The aim of the project is to investigate the impact of digitization on innovative approaches to human resource management (HRM) in various sectors, including to analyze the digital accessibility of people with disabilities to the workplace. The research is not intended for any direct commercial application or use. No provision is made for a patent, utility model or other form of intellectual property protection.

We plan to use a multidisciplinary approach integrating concrete empirical research and experimental studies. This will allow formulating a comprehensive theoretical framework covering the HRM elements with a focus on digitization and oriented towards practice.

The objectives that the scientific project’s team sets itself are related to:

  1. Derivation of new theoretical knowledge regarding the concept of “digitalization – innovative approaches to HRM” in modern business organizations;
  2. Identification and analysis of key activities of the HRM process, as well as the way digitalization affects them;
  3. Research on the challenges of HRM in the interaction of people and modern technologies in a work environment, including the new working conditions and the digital workplace accessibility for people with disabilities;
  4. Development of an innovative HRM model based on digital transformation in selected sectors;
  5. Development of a conceptual model for a prototype HRM information system;
  6. Formal presentation of recommendations on digital accessibility to the workplace for people with disabilities;
  7. Development of scientific publications and guidance with good practices and recommendations regarding legislation, the educational system and organizations related to HRM in the conditions of digitalization.
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